Swiss Equity Fund & Trust AG Issued a Blockchain based Fund License For Prime Trust Foundation

Swiss Equity Fund & Trust AG has issued a fund license to Prime Trust Fund

Swiss Equity Fund & Trust AG has issued a fund license to Prime Trust Foundation, under Prime Investment Management Co. Ltd. This new development will allow the Prime Investment Management Co. Ltd. to operate blockchain based digital assets in a fully secured environment while ensuring cheaper transactional costs and quicker transaction processing. Through the free circulation of digital assets, Swiss Equity Fund & Trust AG will enable the Prime Trust Foundation to achieve cross-domain cooperation and promote efficient digital asset management technology between countries and regions.

The CEO of Swiss Equity Fund & Trust said: “While it is true that the Swiss Equity Fund has established itself as a leading private sector Asset Management Company in the Europe region by offering a variety of financial products catered to the needs of both individual and institutional investors, we are confident that by offering a license to the Prime Trust Foundation for establishment of a blockchain based digital asset custody will enable us to explore new areas in the fintech space. The Prime Trust Foundation under the Prime Investment Management Co. Ltd. has proven itself to be technologically and financially sound when it comes to asset management and blockchain and I am optimistic that this new development will open up a new window for modern-age finance.”

The CEO of Prime Trust Foundation said:
“I am proud to be share with our investors and board that Prime as a fintech institution has secured top level accreditation from a leading investment firm of the European region. In a short span of time, we have managed to establish a dedicated social media powered e-commerce platform, and a digital asset management firm. We are striving to assist and help in the adoption of modern-age blockchain based fintech architecture and we believe that with the digitalization of major corporate assets and improve corporate upgrades, we will completely revive the traditional financial landscape· The digital tokens of our institution are not listed on a traditional crypto exchange, eliminating the drawbacks of speculating currency trading”.

About Prime Investment Management Co. Ltd
Prime Investment Management Co. is striving to leverage big data systems and blockchain as the main axis, integrating electronic technology and financial heritage, creating an innovative and diversified economic platform and application, and moving towards a revolutionary new trend in financial technology. It features an electronic technology financial institution with FinTech as the core concept, co-founded by Prime Foundation and International Digital Asset Foundation (IDAF) Top excellent technology, resources and professional team.


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