PT Foundation Launches a dedicated Fund for Cryptocurrencies and Traditional Financial Markets

The cryptocurrency market has recorded an unprecedented growth in the last few months. Mere from USD 150 Billion in March 2020, the market has grown to a whopping USD 1.78 Trillion as of Mid-March 2021. Bitcoin, the first-ever and the pioneer cryptocurrency climbed all the way to $61,000 from only a USD 3800 a year earlier and its market capitalization broke through the trillion-dollar barrier. Meanwhile, Grayscale Fund, a trust fund connecting cryptocurrencies and funds and dedicated to managing crypto assets, leapt to become the world’s largest crypto asset investment company with a whopping 616,600 of Bitcoins and a total of $26.19 billion in crypto assets. A major reason for such an astronomical is the institutional embracing of blockchain and cryptocurrency market. Similarly, A-share funds surged continuously, breaking 3,500 points in one fell swoop, with turnover reaching a trillion dollars for three consecutive days, making it a double great start.

The PT public chain, an existing blockchain and fintech conglomerate has recently launched the PT Foundation Fund for global investors, a two-way investment fund serving two major financial markets, traditional and emerging. It allows investors to seamlessly invest both in the cryptocurrencies and traditional financial markets such as stocks, securities, forex.

The CEO Of the Power Token Foundation said”
“PT Foundation Fund operates through a compliant fund to serve institutional investors and high-net-worth qualified investors. It is committed to building smarter and more diversified investment products to provide users with safe, transparent and cost-efficient crypto asset investment management, and aims to become the world’s largest blockchain financial services platform.”

A key aspect of the PT Foundation lies in the platform native token i.e. USDP, a stable coin issued on the PT public chain with a 1:1 anchor collateral to the U.S. dollar, with an equal amount of U.S. dollars as a reserve value for every USDP issued, acting as the entry ticket to access the PT Foundation Fund. Investors can buy USDP to purchase various single or multi-asset trusts issued by PT Foundation. They can also use USDP to trade forex and purchase global securities products, such as US, Hong Kong, London, Australia, Singapore and China A class shares. In addition, USDP will serve the real world, solving the problems of high payment and remittance costs and obstructions to payments. It will feature the functions of payment, investment, hedging, and use with PT public chain applications (competitive entertainment games). An ETF fund will also be opened by PT Foundation in the future to acquire listed companies in the U.S. and to issue digital asset derivatives to serve global users.

The PT Foundation has a lower entry threshold and management fees compared to others, and a shorter capital lock-in period. Even if investors do not meet the conditions to participate in the primary market fundraising, nor are qualified investors, they only need an account and they can then trade cryptocurrencies in the secondary market just like buying and selling stocks, without having to get involved in the complex deposit processes of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Legal compliance is the basic requirement, while safety and convenience are the standard. Product diversification and bi-directional investments make PT Foundation stand out among many funds, and the PT Foundation has a unique advantage in attracting investors because of its access to both the traditional and emerging markets in the huge traffic of PT public chain and wise application of USDP. It is only a matter of time before it claims the Crypto Trust Funds throne.